5 Environmental education tips and for a good separate collection

  1. Remember the wax paper goes to the dry residue not in the separate collection of the paper.

From an Ipsos-Comieco study it emerges that 1 Italian out of 2 throws in receipts, while 27% of those interviewed, mistakenly, send the dirty paper for food (31%), the newspapers still wrapped in plastic (25%) and paper handkerchiefs (17%). Small errors that, if properly modified, would still guarantee an increase in the quality of the collection. For example, greaseproof paper (paper for sliced ​​meats, cheeses and buns …) goes to the dry residue.

  1. Remember the crystal goes in the dry residue not in the glass.

If the crystal shatters … don’t throw it together with the glass! Crystal glasses, objects and bottles contain a high amount of lead, which must not contaminate the process of recycling glass from packaging: for this reason, it is important to keep separate containers and crystal objects from differentiated glass collection.

  1. Do not throw dirty handkerchiefs on the ground. Use the baskets.

Throwing in the street, in the sea or on a lawn, any type of waste produces discomfort or actual damage in any case.

Those that may seem to be just distracted gestures of incivility contribute in some way to the pollution of water, land and air. To better understand the effects produced on the environment that surrounds us from the incautious abandonment of waste, it would be enough to consider the times in which some commonly used objects degrade, dirtying and contaminating. Look at dirty handkerchiefs, for example.

  1. Plastic plates and cups are recyclable with plastic.

Summer, picnic time. Do it responsibly: do not leave around garbage, do not damage the natural environment and, if you use, disposable plastic plates and glasses, remember, after cleaning them “of the bulk”, to give them with plastic. Attention: the plastic cutlery, often faithful companions of the disposable plates and glasses on the table, do not go into the collection of the plastic and must therefore continue to be thrown into the bag in the undifferentiated bin.

  1. Use all the services made available by Serveco for your bulky

Summer, time to move into the house by the sea or in the countryside. Cleaning and renewal time for many. On these occasions, if you have to get rid of waste such as furniture and furnishing materials, mattresses, nets, kitchens, large appliances, sanitary fittings, etc., in the municipalities managed by Serveco, you can use one of the systems you see in this image. Collection is free, by booking it and following some simple instructions. More information can be found here .

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